Monday, November 10, 2014


Here are just a couple pictures of the kids in their costumes. Lottie was a cat and Hudson was a homeless bum. I am not sure why I don't have a picture of Hazel, but she was a candy corn.

Hazel Adalyn

Things have been little crazy around here! It is starting to settle down so I will try to write down Hazel's birth story really fast.

Hazel was born on October 5, 2014 at 3:36 am. I was nervous about knowing when to go to the hospital becasue my water broke with the twins so there was no question. My family history shows that we have super fast deliveries so I was nervous about making it to the hospital. On the 4th we went to bed about 10:30. I went to sleep, but kept being woke up by cramps. They didn't really increase in pain or time so I tried to keep sleeping. About 11:30 I decided to call the hospital to see what they though. They told me to try a shower and see if they went away. So I took a shower and tried to lay back down. At 12:30 I had my first contraction and it hurt! There was no middle ground in pain. I told Alex it was time so we called my Mom to come stay with the kids. While waiting for my mom I dried my hair and we made sure we had everything packed. I felt ok while I was sitting down, but if I stood up my contractions were really bad. When my Mom got to our house we headed to the hospital. I called to let them know we were on our way and to tell them to make sure the guy was there to give me my epidural. We got to the hospital about 2:30. The nurse checked me and I was already at a 7. They got me all hooked up and checked in. My contractions were right on top of each other. I told the nurse that I needed to epidural if I was going to get one because Hazel was coming really soon. It seemed like it took forever for the epidural guy to get there. He had me sign the papers and explained the procedure to me. He gave me it and it instantly started working, thank goodness! The nurse checked me, but didn't tell me where I was at. She stepped out of the room. My doctor came in and said he was going to break my water and I was going to start pushing because I was at a 10. I only pushed through about 3 contractions and Hazel was here! She was 8lbs 6oz and 20 inches long. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2 Years

Well my babes are two years old! Their birthday was actually back in August, but like I said I have been horrible about blogging. 

Little Lottie...
- 24 lbs
- Talks non stop!
- Is very mischevious
- Potty trained (still wears diapers at night)
- Gives the best hugs and kisses!

Chunka Boy
- 30 lbs
- Gets more personality every day
- Thinks it's funny when people trip or fall down (may or may not of learned this from me)
- Sensitive, he needs very little discipline
- Loves his sister!

These two bring so much joy and happiness into our lives. I love their individual personalities and am so grateful for them to call me Mom. I have learned so many things from them and they continue to teach me every day. Love you babes!

The Last Little While

I have been horrible about this whole blogging thing. 

 I am now almost 38 weeks, but I figure I might as well get these pictures up while I can. Nesting is a little bit of an understatement. I have my cleaning toothbrush out almost every day finding any and every nook and cranny I can clean. All the bags are packed with lists of last minutes items and the nursery is finished. I so excited for Hazel to get here! I have been 1 cm dilated and 80% thinned the past two weeks. My next appointment is on Thursday so we will see if I have progressed further. I feel like my contractions have gotten stronger so I am hoping I am further along. Baby girl you can come anytime!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Weeks 30 and 32

Once again about a week late posting.
 Cleaning, organizing, and list checking is what I am all about these days. Baby Hazel will be here before we know it and I want to be ready this time. The nursery is coming along. I have went out to my mom's and gotten quite a few projects sewn. As far as sewing I only have the crib skirt and bumper! I have most of decorations done. Just the finishing touches left, then everything can be set up.

The room is finally clean enough to put up the crib.

 I am sad to be getting to the end of this pregnancy, but excited at the same time. It is hard getting things done with this belly! Sleeping isn't easy lately mostly because I am worried my water is going to break ha ha. Every time I wake up to roll over I think this could be the time. Just getting a little paranoid to say the least because of last time.

Poole Weekend

We were supposed to go camping this particular weekend, but my sister and I decided we didn't really want to go. We thought a fun day at Grandpa and Grandma Poole's would be funner.

We rode bikes.

 Kinner's in the swing.

Playing with the cat.

Clark with his Mom.

We had dutch oven chicken and potatoes, then we played in the sprinklers. Lottie, Kinners, and Emmett thought it was great! Hudson got a little from Dad to feel comfortable.

After we put the kiddos down to bed the adults stayed up playing games and eating yummy treats!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Heiner Davenport Jamboree!

Since we moved from Boise we have an annual trip with our friends Ellen and Stodd. We have usually gone camping, but I was not really feeling it so we found a cabin to rent! We went to Soilder Mountain. It is about half between here and Boise.
Our cabin was a 2 bed 2 bath and was really roomy. It was a little outdated, but very clean.
 Saturday we went for a walk around the resort. Alex and I had just picked up this triple stroller and Nora enjoyed the extra seat.
 Sweet baby Nora enjoying the ride.
 On our walk we saw a couple deer.
 Enjoying some downtime at the cabin.
Pool time! And the water was FREEZING! Ellen was the first one to brave the water. Alex and Stodd were next by jumping in with cannon balls and fancy twists. The kids and I enjoyed staying half in/out of the water.
All of the food was amazing over the weekend, but here is Alex cooking up Saturday night's feast.

Thanks Ellen, Stodd, and Nora it was a great weekend! Can't wait to see what we come up with for next year!